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CLA + Carnitine By BPI sports is about all the great things in one place. This supplements provides weight management solution and works on performance improvement. A unique thing about this product is its fruity flavor that leaves you with a sweet taste in your mouth unlike other supplements that are very bland in taste.  Along with the weight loss it also provides you a chance to work on your body strength and  muscle growth which is like the best thing if you are a workout junkie and love to spend hours in gym. It is proven to be very beneficial for athletes as well. If you want a product with a good taste and decent ingredients to help you with weight management then this is something you’ll love.


1. Melts Body Fat:
The combination Of CLA and carnitine (the most research ingredient) works really well in this case and helps reducing the unnecessary fat in your body.

2. Better muscles: 

While gyming and exercising your muscles are the first thing that experiences the impacts so its very important to take care of their sensitivity and the products helps you with that. Your muscles will be stronger and leaner than ever.

3. Energy boost:
The usage of this supplement will give you a boost of energy, focus and an active body function.

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